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Contracting Solutions

Contracting Solutions deals with the relationship between the individual parties all working on the one project.

There are two systems of Contracting Solutions; the Single Contract, or the Multiple Contract.

The Single Contract Solution involves awarding one contract for the project which includes the construction component for the project. This system has its advantages in that the need to cooperate and work with other parties is significantly reduced. The major disadvantage is that the flexibility of the project is reduced, as the majority of the project is at the hands of one party.

The Multiple Contract Solution is a system involving the awarding of a number of contracts of various sizes and complexity to complete the project. The contracts may be sequential, concurrent, or a combination of both. The advantages of this system include:

  • Allowing for staging of the overall project
  • Enhances expenditure control of the agency
  • Provides a means for direct engagement of specialist contractors
  • Facilitates the acceleration or deceleration of project as required
  • Minimises cost impact of delay claims.

The service that Value Network provides relating to Contracting Solutions is that we take an objective look at your project and determine which of the contracting options would suit you, and provide you with a strategy to maximise the value for money out of your project.

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