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Business Improvement

Sustainability is the underlying platform for the business improvement strategies we develop. Sustainability provides a powerful framework for improved decision making and for creating business success. The key to business sustainability is the ability to simultaneously maximise both internal and external stakeholder value by keeping customers, employees and shareholders happy.

Value Network will work with organisations to develop and implement their annual business plans and their business improvement strategies.

Total Business Improvement (incorporating Total Project Management)

Long term success goes hand in hand with a holistic approach to business management. Value Network brings a total system to business improvement and project management practice. This means applying both a top down and bottom up approach to create a fully integrated delivery strategy. In this way the supporting project control and reporting system is designed to link tactical level Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with the organisation’s or project’s overall critical success factors.

Value Network assesses a businesses approach to the following areas:

  • Leadership and alignment
  • Innovation and foresight
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Performance and measurement

Once the above areas have been assessed by Value Network, we work to provide you with a tailored business improvement strategy, and assist you in the implementation of the strategy. See Total Business Improvement Framework

Value Network has also developed a series of Score Cards that can be completed online. These Score Cards will give you analytical feedback as to what we may be able to do for you in terms of overall business improvement. See our Tools.

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