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The Great Team Member

To be a great team member you need some but not all of the following skills / traits. Importantly, you need to demonstrate your commitment to the team and the development of a positive team ethic. Actively participating and going beyond your job description goes a long way in facilitating a great team dynamic.


A reliable team member will complete work in a timely manner. He or she will work hard to meet commitments, and will do what they say they are going to do

Communication Skills

As a team member you express your thoughts and ideas clearly, directly and honestly. Communication within the team needs to be constructive and effective. Remember that your communication style can impact (positively and negatively) on others

Willing to share the load

As a good team member you will do your fair share of the work, even if it is outside of the job description. You will strive to create a sense of equity and fairness in all your dealings with other team members

Treats others on the team with respect and courtesy

A good team player will treat colleagues with courtesy and consideration. Respect and tolerance of individual differences, work backgrounds and approaches is ongoing  

Demonstrate Flexibility

Teams often create change, and have to work with changing conditions. Consequently, as a team member you need to be adaptable. A flexible individual can entertain different perspectives and recognise when compromise is needed. A good team player is firm in his or her thoughts, yet open to what others have to offer

Active Listening

Listen first and speak second. Active listening is successful when a message is understood in the manner and context in which it was intended. The benefit of active listening is involving others in the decision making process (taking them with you), meaning decisions will have consensus support

Positive attitude, enthusiasm and commitment

A good team member has enthusiasm for the organisation and commitment for the cause. As a team member you want the project to succeed and you demonstrate care with your work

Problem solving attitude – have a solution focussed approach

A team member who employs a problem solving attitude is essential to the success of the project and the team. Don’t look to place blame on others, look for ways forward. Re hashing or dwelling on an issue will only create a negative dynamic amongst the team

Participate Actively

Be prepared for meetings and participate in discussion - these are good qualities of an actively engaged team member. Actively engaged team members take initiative to make things happen.

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