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Development of the Individual and the Team

Forming and sustaining a team can be a challenging process. The key to Team Formation is the principle of everyone working towards a common goal, however clashes between individuals can and do occur. Usually the clashes are due to people having different ways of approaching tasks, and not communicating properly with each other.

Value Network has been accredited by Decision Dynamics Behavioural Assessment and Development Systems as a Decision Styles and Career View provider.

The Decision Styles and Career View tools are designed to break down communication barriers and give team players a platform to understand differences between others’ approaches and their own. The benefit of Decision Styles and Career View is that they facilitate understanding of each person’s approach, what can be done to enhance collaboration and cooperation within the team. 

Decision Styles and Career View optimise individual growth and development. Individuals gain an insight into what motivates them, how they make decisions and how this influences their working relationship with others. Overall the use of these tools delivers long term, transferrable benefits for the individual and the team and improves the organisations dynamic.

Value Network can coach you through the Assessments and provide a debrief to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Please see the attached fact sheet for further information regarding these products and how they can assist you and your team.

We can also work collaboratively with you and your team to:

  • Facilitate team formation and development of a high performing team
  • Assist in the adoption of high performance skills and the tools outlined above
  • Integrate Team Formation with Project Planning and Management, Innovation and Learning and Performance Measurement.
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