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Contracting for Sustainable Outcomes

Sound social, economic and environmental sustainability outcomes have quickly become a business priority as industry standards have changed to reflect the need for ensuring and maintaining sustainable outcomes. 

A focus on sustainable outcomes in contracting is highly beneficial to an organisation’s success due to the value placed on them by prospective clients.

Developing a successful program for doing so cannot be summarised by a single strategy, however regardless of whether your organisation operates out of the public or the private sector, the following general principles will assist you:

  • Make a sustainability orientation an integral part of your business strategy, culture and management responsibility
  • Canvass your organisation’s specific sustainable development issues and business activities for opportunities to make beneficial changes
  • Analyse the potential for these changes to contribute to one or more of three strategic business requirements, namely stakeholder support, efficiency and market edge
  • Prioritise, develop and implement a unique set of environmental management and sustainable development practices
  • Regularly measure your progress, adapt, improve and extend sustainable development practices to all areas of the business and offerings to clients
  • Celebrate and promote your success in delivering sustainable outcomes in the services you provide

Value Network has experience in assisting organisations to develop customised sustainability strategies. Please Contact Us to see how we can help you.

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