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Customer Focus

A common oversight amongst business’ today is customer satisfaction. Many businesses place a large emphasis on customer service, and product quality, but fail to check whether the products and services being delivered are specific to the client’s wants or needs. Maintaining a strong customer focus means that businesses are constantly evaluating the satisfaction of their customers with their business as a whole.

Success is often measured in terms of profit margins, sales per customer, or contracts acquired, but rarely measured on one of the most essential components of business growth and development: customer satisfaction; so how do businesses really know that they are truly successful?

There are several simple ways to improve your customer’s satisfaction with your services and products. These include:

Suggested Action

Why do this?

Talk face-to-face with your customers

This is a simple way to maintain a strong client focus. No matter what the method of product or service delivery, always keep in regular face-to-face contact with your customer from the initial meeting through to the delivery of the final product. This allows the customer to raise any issues they have, and for you to discuss any issues in a constructive manner

Treat your customers in a manner that they appreciate

Opinions of what constitutes good customer service can differ between yourself and your customer. Establish in the first few meetings with the client what they expect from you, and tailor your approach to them to suit what they have indicated that they expect


Ensure that you and those that you work with understand the importance of maintaining a good client focus, and that you are all prepared to tailor your approaches to individual clients. Remember, setting an example (from a managerial perspective) is the best way to facilitate client focus from your business team

Implement measures

Implementing measures such as client or stakeholder surveys is a good method of obtaining crucial information about the client, particularly information about what they expect from you, and how they expect your services or products to be delivered. These measures can also be used to find out information such as where the client sees themselves now, and the direction in which they see themselves moving in the future, and this kind of information is important so that you can grow and move with your clients.


An understanding of the importance of good customer focus and the ability to implement measures to attain customer focus within your business are important components to success. Value Network has the capability to assist organisations in undertaking client/customer surveys and developing strategies to address client /customer feedback aimed at improving services and client/customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

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