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In many organisations, teams are given autonomy and ownership regarding the work they do and the decisions they make in order to improve organisational performance or product quality, maximise innovation or improve client focus. The success of the team is greatly affected by the ability of the team leader to provide leadership and to facilitate team formation.

To be an effective team leader:

Establish goals and objectives with the team

Goals developed with the team will have more value – Keep each goal specific, measurable, and time essential.

In developing the goals of the team, your task will be to:

  • Promote team responsibility Ensure that individuals understand their role in a team-based environment and how they are to work together and contribute the best of their knowledge, skills, and capabilities
  • Agree on KPI’s for all projects or assignments undertaken
Adopt a participatory style Encourage team members to suggest ways to improve the effectiveness of the team, discuss issues and find solutions together
Focus on communication and contributions
  • Keep communications open and honest, and stress the importance of compromise
  • Avoid a ‘blame mentality’ when problems in a project or in the team occur, and celebrate achievements of the team regularly and publically
  • Empower and help team members to meet demands from various sources, change direction and balance their role and responsibilities effectively
Meet regularly with the team As a team leader, this allows you to work in conjunction with the team to identify any inefficiencies in the team, and make changes to improve them
Facilitate regular self assessment of the team Meetings are an opportunity for further development of goals, problem solving and issue resolution, decision making, celebrating team achievements, and monitoring individual member’s progress with tasks  
Develop team skills Provide training to your team members in enhancing communication skills, giving and receiving constructive feedback, facilitating and participating in effective meetings, and in sharing work responsibilities

As team leader, you should also undertake training to ensure you have the ability to provide inspiration and motivation to your team
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