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Stakeholder Management

  1. Involve key people and interest groups - Take a broad and creative view on who will be impacted by your activity or project. Tell them about it as soon as possible. Do not miss anyone important internally in your organisation or externally (e.g. community, government and/or businesses).
  2. Involve others in your team - Your team will have a better understanding of the consequences of what you are doing and why and can make a valuable contribution to the success of the activity or project. Bring them on board early and keep them informed of progress.
  3. Analyse risks - Develop a grid to determine who can ‘impact’ and who can ‘influence’ your activity or project the most. Make those with a 'high' rating in terms of either ‘impact’ or ‘influence’ your target to work with.
  4. Invest Time - Make time to lobby and explain what you are doing, the outcomes you are pursuing and importantly, the benefits that will accrue. Work on those who can make a difference - keeping them well informed. This will smooth the path and create support.
  5. Be prepared to give - Watch out for things that you can do to maximise a better outcome. Be flexible and adapt to stakeholder needs by meeting them half way and even more than half way. You will then have a greater chance of success in getting them onboard.
  6. Manage Relationships - Manage relationships with external stakeholders and with your team. This is because stakeholder management is a moving target and attitudes change. Minimise surprises by keeping in touch. If problems are arising - get them sorted fast. Maintaining good, clear and regular communication is a key to your success.
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