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Responsible Occupational Health and Safety Management

Investing in an effective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system is an essential requirement for all businesses today. When properly developed, implemented and managed the system will assist in reducing the incidence of workplace illness and injury and the financial burden it imposes. It will also ultimately reduce cases of prosecution. To get ahead of the game, smart businesses should regularly evaluate the performance of their OHS management system against existing OHS policies, objectives and targets identifying opportunities for improvement that ensure best practice management.

Put simply, remember the following business rules:

  • OHS risks cannot be contracted out of the business
  • Match the OHS management system you rely on to the risk
  • Build an effective OHS management system which is based on the principles of prevention, participation, responsibility and accountability
  • Invest in the training and development of your most important asset – your people - to assure their health and safety at work
  • If OHS is managed effectively, your employees will be more efficient and your business more profitable.
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