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Industrial Relations Management 

Principles for effective industrial relations management

Broad perspective

View industrial relations within the context of business planning and development

Recognise both the potential value of opportunity and the potential impact of adverse effects

Forward-looking view

Think of the future: identify industrial relations issues and uncertainties and anticipate potential outcomes

Plan for the management of industrial relations, confirming enterprise resources and activities while anticipating uncertainties

Open communication

Encourage free-flowing information at all levels of the business to gain insight and knowledge to manage any emerging industrial relations issues or risks

Facilitate formal and informal communication

Integrated management

Make industrial relations management an integral and vital part of the business

Adapt risk management methods and tools to industrial relations planning and management

Allocate risk fairly and equitably

Continuous process

Sustain constant vigilance

Identify and manage industrial relations risks routinely as part of business management

Shared vision

Create a corporate vision based on high standards in employee relations and pro-active (rather than reactive) industrial relations management


Invest in people and treat them fairly

Work cooperatively and manage relationships with openness, honesty, and integrity to achieve positive outcomes

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